Game Reports Tourney 2 vs Teesside

Game Report Tourney 2 vs Teesside Steelers Our offense were on the field first and had a wobbly start with an errant pass picked off by Teesside. However Bears D denied any potential gains with a great bat down from DB Sam Merry. With our O having a talking to brushed off the first drive… Continue reading Game Reports Tourney 2 vs Teesside

Game Reports – Tournament 1

Game 1 vs Teesside: In bitterly cold conditions Bears D came out with a purpose, the first play was a cracking tackle by DT Megan Delaney and rookie LB Alison Lawrence for a forced fumble recovered by Megan. This was then run in for our first TD by rookie RB Hannah Roberts. XP inches short.… Continue reading Game Reports – Tournament 1