Privacy Policy

Details about us: We are the Cheshire Bears a local sports club and you will find our contact details on the “Contact us” section of this website.

What information do we collect about you:
We collect your contact details if you send us an email through the contact form or merchandise ordering. Or if you are signing up to the club as a player, certain health and medical information is collected.

Why do we collect this information: We collect this information to provide you with the relevant service you have requested from us, register you with the club (if applicable) and help prevent any serious injury or medical concerns (player only). We also need details to be able to contact you.

Who might we share your information with: You can be assured that we will not pass your personal information to any third parties without consent and we will take all reasonable care to keep your personal details safe and secure. The only exceptions being:
– Where we have your permission
– Where we must do so when it is required by law; with local council, police or fraud prevention agencies for example
– Where we must do so as part of the services provided such as Rocktopus for Merchandise ordering and BAFA as a part of the league governing the team and it’s players
– Any medical professionals if you are receiving pitch side treatment

What do we do with your information:
We use your information to:
– Provide our services to you (merch orders and registering with the club)
– Prevent and detect crime/fraud
– Understand and protect your needs and requirements (in terms of health and medical)
And these will be stored on our secure systems with only Cheshire Bears or BAFA having access to these records.

How Long do we keep hold of your information: We will store your information for the duration of the services that we provide to you/that you are with the club. If you were to discontinue to use our services or leave the club and the contracts cease, then we would archive your data and permanently delete it after 6 months.

How Can I access the information you hold about me: You can request details about the information we hold on you, you can do this by emailing us at


The right to rectification:
If any data we hold regarding you is incorrect, you may request a correction to your data at any time.

The right to restrict processing and The right to object:
You may also request that we cease processing your data at any time or to object to our continued use of your data. This does not affect any processing that has been carried out prior to your request being received.

The right to erasure:
You also have the right to request that we delete any or all personal data we hold on you at any time. The only reason we would not carry out this request is if it would result in us being in breach of other legal or regulatory obligations we have, but we would always inform you at the time should this be the case.

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If for any reason you are unhappy and wish to lodge a complaint for any reason, please email

If you have a complaint specific to the use of your data then you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office as the supervisory authority within the UK. You can do so using their website at by clicking the “Report a concern” link and then following the steps found on the page.