Time for Hibernation – PART 2


So after a fabulous season we say goodbye to 3 Bears who have now announced their retirement. As long term players we wanted to write them all a piece as an ode to them and all they’ve done for the club.
As an extra little thing we asked some of the players closest to them to write the article for us ☺️

So here’s Part 2 – #46 Felicity Cossa written by Alison Lawrence 💙🐻


Felicity has always been interested in contact sports like boxing and rugby but she never really got what she wanted out of them. In 2017, she finally found where she belonged. She joined the Romans Ladies and discovered that American football was exactly what she needed. Felicity trained as a Wide Receiver at first, but coach Tom Staples saw that her potential was elsewhere. She played offense and defence in her first season, balancing the two was difficult but everyone who knows Felicity will tell you how dedicated and passionate she is. That hard work paid off as she was given defensive MVP for the finals tournament of her rookie season and even scored a defensive TD!


She signed on for a second season and what a season that was for her. Not only did she come back as a player, she also took on the role of Player’s Rep on the committee.  A role she took to heart, she never wanted to let anyone down and helping rookies integrate or making silent voices heard was her mission. The Bears was our new identity and she wanted to make sure everyone felt welcomed just like she felt when she first joined. She found a family within the Romans and she wanted to make sure that her new family wasn’t going anywhere as the Bears.


The first season of the Bears was Felicity’s breakout season. She could this time focus on one role; Linebacker. And I think everyone will agree when I say she was pretty good at it! I played the other OLB and I would look up to her, learn from what she was doing and I was impressed, as were a lot of people. I know she will hate what I just wrote because Felicity is not one to take credit for how talented she is, forever humble, but the stats speak for themselves. In the Bears’ first season Felicity won the Landshark award, an award given to the player with the most tackles, the player that made a lot of people not want to cross their path. She won that award with an impressive 53 tackles for the season. She also won the Defensive Bears Bear award at the end of the year for outstanding work and dedication all season long in training.  Also with 2 forced fumbles (one recovered), 1 sack and 2 pass breakups that year, it was no supprise she also added another MVP medal that season.


Before retiring Felicity wanted to help give the team the chance to get promoted to Division One. She ended her second year with the Bears with 23.5 tackles (shorter season), 2 forced fumbles, 1 recovery, 1 interception, 1 defensive TD and leading the team in sacks with 3. No Running backs, Quarterbacks or any other offensive player could get passed her. She helped the Bears to achieve an 8-0 season with a Division Two North Championship title at the end and promotion to Division One. And of course another MVP medal to add to the trophy cabinet.


This last season was her best season, not necessarily talking about stats, but as a well rounded player. By her own admission she felt in control, she believed in herself and all Felicity ever wanted was to be dependable, reliable and a good solid player. I’m sure I speak for all when I say she was much more than a good player, she was a great player and a fantastic teammate.
Coach Tom Staples was always the first to praise her natural talent at Linebacker; both physically and mentally. An intelligent player who was very coachable and always gave it her all. She played the position perfectly and we couldn’t ask anything more from her.


The team will of course be sad to lose a passionate, kind and incredibly strong Linebacker and teammate. She will be missed immensely on the gridiron, but we are lucky to keep her within the Bears family still. Retiring as a player is one thing but Felicity is not one to quit, especially not when the team is moving up to compete against strong teams next season. She is not hanging up her football boots just yet, as she takes on a new role within the club as Linebacker coach and on the new season’s committee as Chairperson.
We are sure she will help teach the next generation of Bears Linebackers to be as tough as she was and add to the knowledge of the current veteran players. We can’t wait to see her on the field again, admittedly on the sideline but forever as one of the best well rounded Linebackers the team has ever had.

#45 💙🐻

Photos courtesy of photos by furfie and Keziah takes photos

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