It was a stormy day in Wales, with rain, wind and Hail! We knew this would be challenging conditions for all and mostly a ground game.

Bears offense took to the field first, it was a nervous start and the ball was quickly turned over on downs.
Bears defence were fired up and a crunching tackle from DLine Meg unfortunately led to an injury break for the Valkyries on only the second drive of the game.

After the break both sides trying to keep warm and active, Cardiff tried a series of QB runs for short gains and tackles coming in from LB’s Alison, Holly, Felicity and rookie DLine Suzie.
Bears offense back in business and a great run by WR/RB Hannah Roberts for a 1st and more, however on the next play Cardiff intercept the pass to turn the ball over, but can we admire rookie WR Hannah Rosa crucial and hard hitting tackle on the Cardiff MLB as the Bears cheered the rookie!
A QB run was tackled in the backfield by rookie LB Shannon Owens but Cardiff did manage to get a running game going with some short gains to drive up the field for a 1st down. On the next play a fantastic interception and run back for a TD by LB Felicity was unfortunately called back for a penalty and the ball stayed with the O. But the defence stopped the Valkyries from moving any further with a tackle by DLine Meg and LB Felicity and then not 1 but 2 sacks by DB Belle Hughes!!
Bears O with the ball and rookie RB Darah Lynch ran the length of the pitch with the help of some great blocking for the first TD on the board. XP no good.
Cardiff again with the QB runs but tackled by LB’s Holly, Alison and rookie DLine Suzie. Before LB Felicity strook again with another interception and it counted this time!
With good field position at the half way, Bears RB Helena with a short gain run and then WR/RB Hannah Roberts with a fantastic run weaving in and out of defenders for the TD! XP was good with a short pass from QB Laura to RB Helena in the endzone.
Some great tackles by DLine Sarah Pursall and then great pressure on the QB by Sarah forced an incomplete pass, Cardiff just couldn’t move the ball and it was turn over on downs.
Bears offense and some great running by rookie Darah and WR Rach Broadhurst for a 1st and more but just couldn’t quite punch it in the endzone.
A Cardiff QB keep up the middle was stopped by LB Alison and then a sack by DLine Meg and rookie LB Rachel Smith! Great pressure from LB Felicity and LB Alison with a pass break up ended the half 13-0 to the Bears.

Bears out of the half and some good running by RB’s Helena and Hannah Roberts setting up just outside the endzone. And Rach Broadhurst runs it in breaking tackles as she goes for the TD! XP no good.
Defence back and a great QB hurry by DLine Meg to force the incomplete pass, but the Cardiff QB did manage to complete a short pass but it was quickly tackled by rookie DB Sarah Parker. A run to the outside got Cardiff a 1st down, but another QB hurry this time by DLine Leigh Maguire and a panicked pass led to an interception by LB Holly Hughes!
Bears offense took full advantage and Rach Broadhurst ran it in for the TD! XP no good.
Cardiff back on and a couple of incomplete passes before LB Oksana Markova tackled and then had a sack on the next play!
Cardiff defence managed to stop Bears O, but on 4th down a brilliant pitch to RB Helena Lasok-Smith and she runs the length of the pitch for the TD! XP no good.
Cardiff offense really struggling through injuries and a fumble recovered by LB Holly Hughes put our offense back on the pitch.
The Bears were set up outside the endzone but Cardiff managed to make a stand and keep us out of the endzone for 3 plays, but on that ever important 4th down QB Laura Hughes under pressure puts one up in the air in the vicinity of WR Rach Broadhurst and its a contested catch! But Rach fights, doesn’t give up and comes down with the ball! Another Bears TD on the board! XP no good.
The last drive of the game can the Bears defence keep that shutout?! Cardiff MLB steps in at QB and keeps the ball for a great run for a 1st down taken down by LB Holly. She tries it again but this time it’s read by the Bears defence and DLine Meg and rookie Sophie Kurs take her down for no gain. The game ends with another tackle in the backfield by DLine Meg and it finishes 37-0 to the Bears!

A huge well done to both teams for battling it out in such conditions! And massive kudos to Cardiff for never giving up throughout multiple injuries and giving us a great game!

With that the Bears finish undefeated and crowned the North Division 2 champs! 🙌

Photo courtesy of Inspired.paint

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