Game Report R3 Vs Falcons


The game started with a bang as Leicester Centre snap flew over the QB’s head and left her scrambling for the ball in the endzone, DLine Lisa Thomas took full advantage and made the tackle for the Safety and 2 points on the board.
A similar mishap on Bears offense first play as the ball slipped from QB’s hand for a fumble that bounced into the end zone and Falcons jump on for a defensive touchdown. XP no good.
Bears offense come back out determined and some great runs from rookie RB Darah Lynch gained a 1st down. Some short runs and then a heartbreaking dropped pass in the endzone ended the drive.
Leicester with a good short run to the outside, but on the next play a freak fumble caused the ball to fly into the air and Bears DLine Lisa Thomas with a heads up play to come down with it. Bears offense back on the pitch with great field position and RB Helena Lasok-Smith takes it in for the touchdown! XP no good.
Bears defence with some great group tackles and LB Felicity Cossa stopping those outside runs and sneaky QB keeps and the ball was back to the Bears.
RB Helena Lasok-Smith doing Helena things shaking off 1 tackle and then cutting back for a TD the length of the pitch. XP good again by Helena.
LB Holly Hughes with a crunching tackle and Bears defence swarmed the Falcons meaning they couldn’t move the ball.
Bears O and after an incomplete pass rookie RB Darah breaks through the line for a great run. Some more great Darah runs with defenders hanging off her and she gets us the 1st down. RB Helena tagged in and she breaks tackles and pulls out a demon spin move through to open space and sprints away for the TD. XP good again by Helena. The half ends with a great tackle from LB Holly and the score is 22-6 to the Bears.

Out the gates and Bears offense with a short gain run and then 2 great deep passes unfortunately dropped, a good connection made to rookie WR Hannah Rosa but wasn’t quite enough to make the first down.
LB Alison Lawrence with the tackle for a short gain and then DLine Sarah Pursall bursts through the line to cause a fumble but ultimately recovered by Leicester. A good run by Falcons but taken down by LB Holly and QB tries a sneak but LB Felicity blows the play up for a big loss. With all the pressure the QB fumbles the ball in the endzone and tries to pick it up but LB Alison Lawrence comes in with the tackle for a safety.
Falcons defence dug deep and managed to keep the Bears to short gains and it was a turn over on downs.
Great pressure from Bears DLine Laura Dye and rookie Suzie Gray and the QB under centre fumbles the ball but Leicester recover. Tag team tackle from LB’s Holly and Felicity and Falcons continue to struggle moving the ball. DLine Laura Dye comes bursting through the line for a fantastic tackle for a loss. They tried a QB sneak but LB Alison and rookie DB Hannah Gee spotted it and went in for the tackle.
Falcons defence again managing to hold back the Bears O putting the defense back on the pitch.
Great tackle for no gain by DLine Sarah, rookie Rhian and LB Holly. Again another group tackle this time by LB’s Oxi and Holly and DLine Sarah. Great pressure on the blitz by LB Alison forces the QB to scramble and LB Holly makes the tackle. An incomplete pass and it’s a turn over on downs.
Bears offense some great runs from RB’s Helena and Darah but stopped just short of the endzone and the game finishes 26-6 to the Bears!

Some great pictures from Photos by Furfie

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