Bears defence took to the field first and they started as they were for the whole game – fired up! DLine Megan Delaney making some crunching tackles the offense were going nowhere and she ended the drive with a sack handing the ball over to our O.
Spurred on the offense matched the D’s fire and RB Helena Lasok-Smith ran the length of the pitch for a TD on the very first play. XP run was good but unfortunately called back for a holding penalty, the second attempt a pass unfortunately slipped through the WR’s fingers.
Back on defence and LB’s Holly, Felicity & rookie Shannon Owens teamed up with DLine Laura Dye for some great tackles and again Falcons couldn’t move the ball.
RB Helena had a great run for a 1st down and rookie RB Darah Lynch getting some power runs in, before a spectacular deep pass from QB Laura Hughes to WR Rach Broadhurst just outside the endzone. A hand-off to RB Darah but a determined Falcons held just inches short and a turn over on downs.
Bears defence just not letting up all day and despite a short gain run from Falcons, they were met with group tackles time and again.
Falcons defence also working hard in what became a defensive battle, incomplete passes and a great run from RB Helena but stopped just short of a 1st down.
LB Alison Lawrence blitz timed just right and she caused a Falcons fumble but they managed to recover. The drive ended with another great blitz from LB Felicity Cossa who hurried the QB to throw the ball away.
Rookie RB Darah showed her speed and ran the length of the pitch for a great TD, but it was called back on a questionable holding call, heartbreaking for the rookie. Pass to WR Rach Broadhurst for the 1st down and another pass into the endzone incomplete, RB Helena run was stopped just short of the endzone. A great drive that should have given us that extra score.
Falcons offense back on and a low snap was fumbled but they managed to recover. However next play and DLine Laura Dye shot through the line to make the tackle in the endzone for the Safety. The half ended 8-0 to the Bears.

Bears offense back on and RB Darah gained a 1st down and more, but with incomplete passes it was a turn over on downs.
Defence again still on fire, LB Holly and DLine Meg tag team tackle for no gain, DLine Meg straight through the line for a tackle for a loss and then rookie LB Shannon Owens and DLine Meg tackled the Falcons in the endzone for another Safety.
Bears offense in a rare hiccup fumbled the pitch in the endzone and recovering but resulted in a Safety for the Falcons.
Bears defence putting the pressure on and Falcons receiving 2 false start penalties. But that didn’t stop the Falcons longest run of the day for a 1st and more but stopped with a fabulous tackle by rookie DB Sarah Parker. More group tackles and the Falcons could go no further.
A couple of runs by Helena and a short pass to rookie WR Hannah Rosa but Falcons defence kept the Bears at bay.
Tackles coming in from LB’s Alison, Felicity and DLine Sarah Pursall and Falcons offense were clearly struggling.
Again Falcons defence kept their own pressure up and stopped the Bears O.
Falcons offense again had a couple of runs for no gain before a QB keep for a 1st down with LB Oksana Markova, DLine Meg and LB Holly making the group tackle. QB keep again for a short gain but again she was met with a LB and DLine sandwich! A pitch was fumbled but Falcons recovered and the game finished 10-2 to the Bears!
A real defensive battle from both teams, but the low scoreline didn’t reflect the dominant Bears performance.

Photo by @photosbyfurfie

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