GAME REPORT T1 VS Leicester Falcons

GAME REPORT T1 VS Leicester Falcons

Bears offense took to the field first with some good opening runs from RB Helena Lasok-Smith but just short of a 1st down. Falcons offense with a similar start on the ground but also just short of a 1st thanks to tackles from DLine Sarah Pursall and LB Felicity Cossa.
But on the 2nd Bears offensive drive RB Helena gets to stretch out those legs for a long rushing TD. A pass to Helena was good for the 2pt conversion.
Defence fired up take to the field, with a sack by LB Felicity and then next play a sack and Safety by LB Alison Lawrence!
Some close drops by Bears receivers and defence were back on the pitch, tackles came in from LB’s Alison and rookie Rach Smith before some great pressure from the DLine and a forced fumble by LB Felicity recovered by DB Giorgia Holding. Bears O get the ball close to the end zone but a strange 2 people in motion penalty (for only 1 RB in motion!) took them back, a dropped pass just outside of the endzone had Leicester on their toes. And another 2 great passes into the endzone were broken up by the Leicester defender denying the Bears.
Again DLine pile on the pressure and LB Felicity makes a fantastic tackle for a loss. DLine Megan Delaney with more pressure and a tackle for short gain. LB blitz forced the QB to scramble and throw the ball away. Bears O back on but just couldn’t get the passing game going and the half ended 10-0 to the Bears.

Defence out first and DLine Laura Dye smashing through the line and making punishing tackles for short gain. LB Felicity makes some good tackles but the run was good for a 1st. The Falcons manage to get a few more short gains but couldn’t get past the DLine and LB wall before on 4th DLine Laura Dye and Megan Delaney force the QB to scramble again and throw the ball away.
Bears rookie RB Steph Goodwin comes on for some power running and some short gains and a pass finally connecting from QB Laura Hughes to WR Natalie Kelly which was good for a 1st down. A couple of short runs from RB Helena but another close drop from the WR just outside the endzone and a turn over on downs. Falcons O feeling the pressure fumbled the ball, but after some tussling on the ground Falcons managed to recover. A great defensive group tackle and then a short run, but on the next play a 15 yard penalty (women’s game only supposed to have max 10 yrd penalties) took the Falcons to just outside the endzone and they punch it in with a short run for their first TD, XP no good. Bears offense have a few short runs and incomplete passes and its the defense back on. Tackles come in from DLine Megan and Sarah time again in the backfield and the Falcons can’t move the ball.

The game finishes 10-6 in a defensive battle between the 2 teams! And we can’t wait for the rematch at home in January 💪🐻

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Photo Credit: Keziah takes Photos

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