Awards – Season 18/19

Without further ado, here are the award winners for the 18/19 season:

Defence MVP winners: Amanda Staples, Sam Merry, Megan Delaney, Alison Lawrence & Felicity Cossa.
Offense MVP winners: Hannah Roberts, Jodie Stephens x 2, Rach Broadhurst & Helena Lasok-Smith.

The Bears Bear for this season that stand out players had won every 2 weeks during training and signed were awarded to ladies that proved their dedication, hard work and skill during training all year. For Offense the winner was: OLine Alex Jelfs. For Defence the winner was LB Felicity Cossa.

Landshark Award was for the defensive player that racked up the most tackles during the tournaments and with a fabulous 49.5 the winner was LB Felicity Cossa!

Playmaker Award was the offensive player with the most touchdowns during the season, and she ran away with it 🏃‍♀️ with a massive 25 TDs it’s RB Helena Lasok-Smith!

Most Improved Player was awarded to someone who has worked hard at and away from training to improve every aspect of their game. The winner was DLine Charley Jeffries!

Rookie of the Year was a close one with lots of talent coming through this year. But this lady showed her dedication to training and versitility with skill and talent playing at both WR and RB. She was scoring touchdowns both in the air and on the ground, rookie of the year was Hannah Roberts.

Lineman of the year went to a lady that left bodies in her wake! She certainly made an impact in both the running and the passing game and started off a bit of a pancake competition. Lineman of the year was OLine Jodie Stephens.

Coaches Player went to a lady that ended up playing in a position she didn’t expect for the whole season. She had trained at WR but due to an injury had to take on QB from the middle of the first tournament. She gave it her all and put her body on the line time and again, with some fantastic plays and leading the offense fantastically the winner was Rach Broadhurst!

Players Player was voted in by all the current players. This player was chosen for the impact she has helping other players on the team both on and off the pitch. A dedicated player and team mate and an experienced DB that helped anchor the defense. The winner was Amanda Staples.

The very last award to report on is the Delaney Staples award. It was created at the end of the old Romans Ladies team as an ode to previous GM’s Amanda Staples & Megan Delaney and awarded to Meg at the end of 2018 by the new Bears GM Arran Harrison.
This year Arran awarded it to a Bear for their work on the committee and behind the scenes this year, which was a massive help in getting the new club off the ground and creating the brand that is the Bears. It was awarded to Amanda Staples!

Massive well done to all our winners and the whole team for doing so well in the first season as the Bears! Here’s to many more!

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