Game Report T4 vs Bham Lions B

Game Reports Tourney 4 Vs Birmingham Lions B

Lions started well, with a good few runs driving up the field and they go in for their first TD, XP no good.
However RB Helena decided she was going to have her game of the year! With her first of many runs the length of the pitch for a TD, Helena also good for the 2 point conversion.
Lions tried again with the run game but LB’s Lawrence and Cossa stopped them short for a 4 and out.
RB Helena back working those refs out running down the sidelines and another TD run the length of the pitch. And again Helena good for 2.
Bears defence fired up held firm to force another turn over on downs. And yes you guessed it another 1 play touchdown run by superstar RB Helena Lasok-Smith.This time QB Rach running in for the 2.
Some good runs by Lions but not enough for the first down and LB Holly making some cracking tackles.
RB Helena still on fire and no tire in those legs for another TD run length of the pitch. Pass to Helena for 2 but flag on the play, QB Rach tried to run in herself but no good.

Half ended 30-6 to Bears.

Out of the half and Helena clearly wanted to do some serious sprinting in this game with another 1 play touchdown. XP no good.
Tackles coming in on defence from DB Hughes and LB Alison and DLine Delaney tag teaming and an incomplete pass ended that Lions drive.
Bears offense sticking with what works and RB Helena doing her thing making defenders miss for another TD, XP no good.
Lions came out with a new game plan and a pass with good yardage after gave them their second touchdown since the first drive of the game. XP no good.
Lions defence then came up with a tackle in the endzone for a safety. Lions O turned to the QB sneaks for some good yardage but a great tackle by DLine Megan in the backfield made for a turn over on downs.
RB Helena had a short run by her standards for the 1st! But decided she wasn’t done after all adding the TD on the second run with XP no good.
Lions with a good pass and yards after for the 1st with a great tackle by LB Lawrence but a short run into the endzone on the play after got them the TD, XP no good.
Bears offense just not letting up with another Helena dash touchdown, QB Rach ran in for 2 but flag on the play. This time a pass to WR Natalie Kelly for the conversion.
Lions good run for the 1st and seconds left on the clock they run in a last TD.
Bears Win and finish on a massive high 54-28.

With that the Bears are in the playoffs in their first year as a club!! Fantastic achievement for all involved and we couldn’t be prouder 🙌🐻🐻

MVP’s for the Tournament were:

Defence: LB Alison Lawrence

Offense: RB Helena Lasok-Smith

Some great pictures courtesy of Jody Davies Photography 👍👍

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