Game Report T4 vs Teesside Steelers

Game Reports Tourney 4 Vs Teesside Steelers

Both teams knew this was the game to win for the division title and it became the closest game of the division so far neither team would let up and both defences battled out! Bears win and they were guaranteed top spot, Steelers win and it would be a tie at the top that would go down to points difference.

Bears offense stared with a good long run from QB Rach but just short of 1st down. Incomplete passes made for a turn over on downs.
Teesside offense did their best to drive up the field, but multiple tackles cam in on the defence from DB Belle Hughes, LB Alison Lawrence and DLine Megan Delaney. LB Felicity Cossa ended the drive close to the endzone with a tackle for a loss and a turn over on downs.
QB Rach Broadhurst with a short pass to RB/WR Hannah Roberts and a short run from RB Helena Lasok-Smith but it wasn’t quite good enough for 1st down.
Bears D had good pass coverage to force incomplete passes and then the running game was stopped twice by LB Holly Hughes.
Bears O back on the pitch and QB Rach got to work passing deep to WR Natalie Kelly for the 1st down and then Rach taking it in herself for the first TD on the board. XP no good.
Bears defence fired up group tackled the Teesside runner time and again for another turn over on downs.
QB Rach back in charge testing the arm with a few incomplete and then a fantastic deep pass to RB/WR Hannah but stopped just short of the endzone. Then an amazing pass and catch to Helena across the field in tight coverage for the TD. A QB keep by Rach for the 2 point conversion.
Great tackle by DB Hughes and then great coverage forces QB to run, as defenders all so deep she get a 1st down for Teesside. QB tries passing again but great bat down by stand in DB Natalie Kelly. But a short reverse play got them into the endzone for their first TD, XP no good.
Good pressure by Teesside defence keep our offense back but on 4th down RB Helena broke out for a 1st and more. QB Rach took advantage with a roll out pass to Hannah for the TD, XP good to Helena but flag on the play made us replay and XP was then no good second time around.
Bears defence again with the group tackles, rookie LB Jenii Breakey teamed up with DB Hughes and then again this time with DLine Delaney to stop Teesside run game. Another tackle by LB’s Cossa and Lawrence ended the half 20-6 to the Bears.

With a quick chat between refs and coaches at the half as there was a problem with the game clock due to the first half going over an hour long (average full game lasts an hour), therefore the second half was going to be rolling clock.

Teesside offense came out and Bears D denied them again with group tackling for a 4 and out. Teesside defence however turned up the pressure and a fumbled snap bouncing into the endzone was jumped on by Teesside for the defensive TD. XP good on a QB sneak for 2.
Bears offense back on and a few runs for no gain before an interception and short run gave them another defensive TD. XP no good.
Game tied at 20 all!!
Bears defence decided to put their own pressure on with DLine Sarah Pursall and LB Felicity Cossa pushing the back into the endzone, but forwards progression given.
Another run and another group tackle in the backfield pushing back into the endzone and again forwards progression given. They managed to get out of their endzone on 4th down but a cracking tackle for short gain by LB Holly Hughes and DLine Megan Delaney.
RB Helena Lasok-Smith with a great run and QB Rach making it over for the 1st down. But a sack pushed us back and a turn over on downs put the Teesside offense back on the pitch.
A short pass completion was met by LB Holly making a great tackle and a QB sneak was tackled for short gain by DLine Delaney and LB Holly.
After a short injury stoppage there was 6 seconds left on the clock and Teesside tried running to the outside but was stopped, but, flag on the play! 1 more play left and a QB sneak up the middle unfortunately went to the house ending the game 20-26 to Teesside.
An incredibly close game that could have gone either way and a very long and tiring game!

So Steelers and Bears tied for top place, but the Teesside side had a few more points in the plus from way back at T1 so were awarded the top seed going into playoffs.

Lions report and MVP’s to come…

Some great photos courtesy of WAP Photography and see the full album here:

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