Game Report Tourney 3 vs Steelers

Game Report Tourney 3 vs Teesside Steelers

There was no rest for the Bears as they were straight back in to the action against the Steelers, for their second game of the day.

The Defence were up first and showed their strong run defence once again with a series of tackles with another stand in DB Natalie Kelly borrowed from offense popped up with a great interception to turn the ball back over to the offense.
Some nice blocking from the O-line allowed RB Hannah Roberts to carve out some decent yards on the ground, yet we were held back by a strong Teesside Defence.
Bears Defence were back on the field and roaring; 1st down saw the Steelers offense fumble the ball and LB Felicity Cossa was all over it for the fumble recovery-Bears ball once again!
That fumble recovery put the Bears offense in a great field position, so with a 1st down the ball was tossed to RB Hannah who ran the short yards into the endzone for her second touchdown of the day. XP was no good.
Strong tackles from both LBs Felicity and Alison held the Steelers offense back before a 3rd down play saw us come undone by a cutting run play for a Teesside touchdown plus the extra 2 points.
Offence were not able to capitalise on their next outing despite some strong run plays by RB Hannah.
Defence up again and the Steelers continued to try and run the ball, but some strong tackles again from LBs Alison and Felicity led to a quick 4-and-out.
Behind by a couple of points, the Bears offense came storming out and laid down some great plays; the highlight being a powerful long yardage run from QB Rachel as she ran right through a Teeside defender on her way to a first down. A short touchdown throw to RB Hannah Roberts and the extra 2 points thrown to WR Natalie Kelly put an end to a great series of plays by the offense.
The Defence held strong with some great tackles, so that the Bears went into the half with a 14 – 8 lead.

Straight into the 2nd half and the Bears offense were grinding out good yards on the ground by both RBs Hannah and Monika, but the Steelers did enough to keep us out of the endzone.
More of the same followed for the Bears D as our great run defence paid off once again – a quick 4-and-out for the Steelers.
QB Rachel got herself in on the running game, running four times for some great gains but once again we were kept just short of the endzone.
By now the Bears Defence were beginning to tire, but the tackles still kept coming  – Natalie Kelly and DL Sarah Pursall amongst the fray on this 4-and-out series.
Teesside Defence came up with a safety on the very next play, closing the gap to just 4 points. With time running out it was going to be another nervy finish!

When up next the Teeside offense were going for the win, throwing the ball through the air on the next 4 plays, but there was no way through the Bears stoic defence.
With not much time left on the clock the Bears Defence were up and they brought the pressure right from the go – DL Megan Delaney rushing through the gap to secure a vital and impressive safety. Another 2 points in the bag and it was a one score game once again, giving the Bears offense the opportunity to simply run down the clock and come out 16 – 10 winners.

Another hard fought, well deserved victory for the Cheshire Bears.

Thanks again to DB Sam Merry for the write up and photo courtesy of Whizzyfingers Photography.

MVP’s for the tournament were QB Rach Broadhurst and DLine Megan Delaney!

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