Game Reports Tourney 3 vs Lions B

Tourney 3 Game 1 vs Birmingham Lions B

We’d like to start off by saying thanks to DB Sam Merry who is our feature writer for T3 games, injury taken her out in the previous round, so instead putting pen to paper for us 👍

The Bears came in to this tournament on the back of 2 wins at home so confidence was running high.
Defence took to the field first and our run defence as strong ever with tackles by LB’s #22 Felicity Cossa and #44 Holly Hughes for no gains. 2nd and 3rd down was a similar story with tackles from #45 Alison Lawrence keeping the Lions at bay. 4th down however saw the Lions undo our Defence through the air with a pass and run in to the endzone. Lions added an extra 2 points after the touchdown to remind the Bears it wasn’t going to be an easy game.
Bears Offense came out strong, looking to even things up. A nice pass and run to #16 Hannah Roberts for good yardage set up 2nd down, which saw #25 Helena Lasok-Smith go on a lovely long yardage run for her first touchdown of the day. XP was no good.
Defence’s turn again and they held strong with tackles from #45 Alison and #22 Felicity to force a quick 4-and-out, letting the Offense come straight back out again. They made quick work of the opportunity on 1st down with a hand off to #25 Helena who saw space down the sideline and raced by several defenders for a 40 yard run and a touchdown. They were unable to add any extra points.
An injury to DB #8 Amanda Staples in the opening play of the game meant The Bears had to utilise #11 QB Rach Broadhurst as a stand-in DB, she wasted no time getting in on the action with a great crunching tackle near the sideline to prevent a clear scoring chance. It was not enough, however, to prevent a 4th down touchdown from Lions QB. XP was no good.
Offense #16 Hannah and #25 Helena put down some nice runs to set up touchdown number 3 for Bears #25 Helena. She took the ball into the endzone again for an extra 2 points.
Bears defence held strong again so that we went in to the half leading 20 – 14.

The second half saw both teams tighten up defensively. The Bears’ Offence came out and their run game was strong, #16 and #25 running for a combined 33 yards, but unfortunately #25 Helena went out with injury for the rest of the tournament and Lions defence were able to keep us out of the endzone while our passing game struggled to get going.
Plenty of tackles all over the field for the Bears defence, including a couple for #44 Holly saw them hold strong and force the turnover on downs.
Again the Bears offensive run game continued to be strong with both #16 Hannah and this time QB #11 Rach both putting down nice yards, but they were unable to punish the Lions for any points.
Defence was back on the field looking to stop the Lions once again. Several strong tackles from DLine #92 Megan Delaney saw the Bears holding strong against the run, however, they were outdone through the air again with a pass towards the endzone to Lions #7 for a catch and run for 6 points. The Bears prevented the extra points to keep the score at 20-20.

With the clock running down and the score tied, the offense came back on looking to inflict a final blow to the Lions. Speedy RB #16 Hannah got off to a good start with a cutting run for 17 yards. She got the ball back again on 2nd down and dodged a couple of tackles with a brilliant run into the endzone for 23 yards and the touchdown.
XP was no good, but it didn’t matter as the Bears final outing saw our pass coverage hold strong, forcing the Lions to throw a series of incomplete passes.
All that was left was QB #11 Rach to take a knee and call time on this tight, exciting contest.

Final score Bears 26 – Lions 20.

Thanks to Sandwell Steelers for hosting us on neutral ground.

Here are some great pictures from the Lions photographer WAP Photography to have a look at:


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