Game Reports Tourney 2 vs B’ham Lions B

Game Report Tourney 2 vs Birmingham Lions B

Bears defence still on a high from the first win, took to the field first and piled on the pressure from the start with Dline Jeorgia Woods getting a tackle for a loss and then a fumble in the end zone with fellow Dline Charley Jeffries jumping on the ball for a defensive TD meant for a cracking start. XP was no good.
Defence were straight back on with Lions trying to drive up the field but some fantastic tackles by LB Holly Hughes & DB Sam Merry kept them short. Offense decided they wanted a piece of the action and RB Helena Lasok-Smith duking defenders for a 1st down and then a pass from QB Broadhurst to WR Kelly for the TD and XP good to Natalie again for 2.
B’ham however answered right back with a deep passing TD and a run in for the XP for 2.
RB Helena got to work again with a brilliant run and a catch with yards after the fact for the next Bears TD, XP no good.
Bears D had some tackles and great coverage but a short completed pass slipped defenders with a long yardage run after the catch gave B’ham another TD with XP good for 2. Much to the delight of the fans Bears offence weren’t done and a great run from rookie Hannah got the 1st and a pass to WR Natalie Kelly in the corner of the endzone gave another 6 points on the board before the half for the Bears. The defence then kept Lions out and the half finished 24-16 to Bears.
Straight out the gates after the half RB Helena ran the length of the pitch doing what she does best making defenders miss for the TD, with XP no good. But Bears D had their pass coverage blown on a messed up play left a wide open Lion WR making easy work for the B’ham TD, XP no good.
Lions defence managed to stop our O for the first time on the next drive, but unfortunately for them it was only answered back by a sack from LB’s Holly and Felicity.
Rookie Hannah came on with some short runs and RB Helena finishing it off with help from an OLine push into the endzone for another Bears TD, XP no good.
Bears defence were feeling the strain at this point with such quick offensive touchdown plays they were on the pitch the majority of the time and picked up injuries to key players including DB Sam Merry and they couldn’t hold on as B’ham managed a deep passing touchdown on a blown coverage play, XP no good.
Offense still at work with a great run from QB Rach for a 1st down and a brilliant pass to Hannah for the TD, XP no good. And the game finished on a high with a Lions fumble in the endzone and LB Alison Lawrence coming up with the safety for 2 more points.
Game finished 46-28 to the Bears.

Picture courtesy of Photos by Furfie

Defensive MVP for Tourney 2 was #21 Sam Merry! And offensive MVP was #66 Jodie Stephens! Awesome work ladies.


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